Outsource development for your bussiness 

Unlimited Opportunities

We will take care of the technical part of your business.

Implementation of all your ideas

Creation of a project using all modern technologies.

What you get with eneqsu


We will create a powerfull tool for your business, using our technology stack: asp.net Core\MVC for the backend and react\angular for the front-end side.

IT Consulting

If you have an idea and you want to make it happen, the first and the correct step would be, to find and analyze possible analogs and possible opponents of your future product.

Code refactoring

Quite often we have clients, who want to refresh the design, add new features, but the existing solution is poorly made and its modification may lead to slow performance or to increasing number of errors that will be accumulating.


A lot of software don't have appropriate documentation, in some cases it doesn't even exist, In the process of improveming the project, adding new features, or it's maintaining becomes a nightmare.

What We Do

We will take care of your project regardless of its level of complexity. We are not afraid of difficult tasks – all of our satisfied clients can prove that.

Discovery Phase

Before each successful project is created, additional work is carried out, which consists of market research and identification of user needs.

UX/UI design

Our projects can be customized using templates or with a completely unique design. But these are always responsive designs that display perfectly on any device.

Web development

We will provide the back end and front end parts of the website. Therefore, you will not need to look for additional contractors at any stage of the project.


The technologies we work with, can be integrated with any system your project may require. This can be for example different banking systems, social networks, different additional services that will work with your project.

Quality Assurance

Equally important is the testing of the product we create for you. We provide comprehensive testing, to ensure that your future users will not have any surprises when using your service.


In order to test your business hypothesis, we can quickly develop a simpler version of your future product with key features to make sure the solution is right, and get first users.


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