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IT Consalting

If you have an idea and you want to make it happen, the first and the correct step would be to find and analyze possible analogs and possible opponents of your future product. Then, you need to create a technical task, analyze spendings for development and support for your solution. In this case, our specialists are here to help you out with that, they have years of experience in developing and supporting different platforms.

Code refactoring

Quite often we have clients who want to improve their systems, refresh design, add new features, but the existing solution is poorly made and its modification(e.i adding new features) may lead to slow performance or to increasing number of errors that will be accumulating.

One more option is when the system is outdated and was being edited for years, so its newer features were installed on an old core, which could lead to slow work or crashes of the whole system.

In these cases, we offer full code refactoring or building system from scratch, it takes some time and resources but that is right decision which will give you a confidence in stable work of your system and will allow you to update and improve it, that will save your time and money from wasting them on supporting outdated and unstable system.


A lot of software don't have appropriate documentation, in some cases it doesn't even exist, it makes improving, adding new features slow, or it's maintaing in other companies becomes a nightmare. Our managers and the finest developers will analyze your product and will create proper documentation, and in some cases it can include videos


Contact Info

Lviv, str. St. Bandery 83, Ukraine

032 478 22 11

096 456 20 13