Rеаl Mаrkеt Simulatоr

RMS is trading platform simulator, which is built by real stock market principles, it's being used for online educational purposes, trainings. Trading is being held in the form of a game, where separate traders or teams of traders can participate. The team contains few traders and the result of each member forms the general result of a team. In order for each member to understand his position there is peer benchmark performance. That is an average value of gained/spent assets by the end of the trading day.

The game is being held in real time manner. Only administrator or instructor (university professor) can create the game, different parameters such as initial capital, game time, fees, assets selection, risks and many others can be set to provide participants with as real as possible environment comparing to the real world.

Instructor creates risks by setting pauses between transactions, changing values of stocks is being done in real time using “signalR”, the source of prices is yahoo.fincance and money.net.

Trader dashboard contains statistics of the games, trader position and latest news.


There is an option to keep an eye on changes of assets prices in the form of charts. To verify the success of transaction charts have flags placed exactly when trader was buying or selling assets. Highcharts library of javascript was used to build charts. Trader can also make transaction being on charts page.

To help trader to make decision, system provides him with detailed information about selected instrument and  that is: the latest news, actual market positions, chart of assets changes