Photo editing

Retouch (photo correction) – a process of improvement photos by erasing defects, color and light correction, sliding, etc.

For each retoucher the process is divided on few types. For us it’s simple, more detailed processing, artistic processing and photomontage.

Simple processing includes:

  • Color correction
  • Light correction
  • Photo sliding
  • Small art changes

Simple correction, which usually applies to batch processing, is being performed using Lightroom program or similar to it.

Detailed processing – complex process, which takes more time, power and resources.

The result of detailed processing consists of:

  • Erasing all defects, skin irregularities (pimples, bruises, dark spots under eyes, scars, stretch marks, unwanted birthmarks, etc.)
  • Body correction
  • Teeth whitening
  • Hair retouch if needed
  • Improving clarity of images
  • Removing excessive details
  • Light and color correction
  • Adding art-effects by the client's request

Photomontage – replacement of background, or any other parts of the photo (hair color, cloths, etc.). Artistic processing involves the use of various effects or creating them from scratch as well as photo collage. In the end of the processing photos become either completely or partially different.